Metabody:From Cyborg to Symborg


Gary Zebington has worked with interactive media since 1990. His artwork and programming have featured in hybrid internet-body performances, experimental television, outdoor digital installations and international exhibitions. Ongoing investigations include mixing vrml, texting, hardware and bodily possibilities of artificial life and their transfigurations into digital imagery. The offspring of this process contribute to the wider ritual of interpreting and implementing various technology-induced human reconfigurations.

Gary holds a Bachelor of Arts degree, an IBM Broadband Scholarship, and a post-graduate degree in design computing from the University of Sydney, where work on a range of digital media projects continues.

Conceptual Description

Metabody augments the exploration of human-machine relationships by synthesising web space, the internet, interactive anthropomorphic symbols, software simulations, attachable hardware devices and other remotely connected humans within a metaspace of local and remotely distributed computer systems.

The first phase of Metabody, as a metabolism of ideas around the long history of human-machine relations, is informed by the recent work of digital artists such as Stelarc, and includes simulations of recent performances by him in collaboration with Merlin.

The cd-rom includes an archive of Stelarc's performances on video, photo stills, written material and recent interviews; a short history and contextualisation of human-machines, including early automata in reality and in fiction; and simulations of various meta-biological processes which operate with the physical body via website log files, internet activity levels and local (cd-rom) software interfaces. Operating in this hybrid online/rom environment, it is intended that metabody's evolution will remain open-ended.

Gary Zebington : design and programming

Jeffrey Cook, Gary Zebington, Stelarc (archive): text Produced by Jeffrey Cook and Sam de Silva

Produced in association with the Australian Film Commission