Annette Weintraub
Day of the Dead


Annette Weintraub is an artist whose work explores the architectural environment. Recent work includes "Sampling Broadway" a QTVR work for the Web commissioned by Turbulence ( with a grant from the Jerome Foundation, which was featured in [techne]W3LAB and at SIGGRAPH 99. Other works for the Web ("Pedestrian" and "Realms" ) were presented under the auspices of Turbulence and artnet web at SIGGRAPH (98) and ISEA (97), as well as at The Cooper Union and The Ricco/Maresca Gallery. "Pedestrian" was also presented as a site in "Beyond Interface" curated for the 1998 conference on Museums and the Web (98).

Her still images have been seen in "Technoseduction" at The Cooper Union (97), "Image Electronic" at the Euphrat Museum of Art (95) and "Metamorphoses: Photography in the Electronic Age" curated by the Aperture Foundation at the Museum at FIT (94), as well numerous other national and international venues. Her work has appeared in Newsweek, The Boston Globe, Newsday and Leonardo. She was a 1991 recipient of the New York Foundation for the Arts grant, and received a Silver Award from I.D. Magazine in its Interactive Media Design Review for "Pedestrian" (98). Annette Weintraub is Professor of Art at The City College of New York, and Director of the Robinson Center for Graphic Arts and Communication Design.

Conceptual statement

"Day of the Dead" is a piece about two very diverse encounters with death in the city. It contrasts the warmth of a ritualized recollection of friends with the brutality of a sudden and unexpected meeting with violence on the street.

"Day of the Dead" is an experiment in layered storytelling. It mixes multiple narratives in the form of animated text, audio and images, and synthesizes simultaneous narrative threads which present its events from both personal and metaphysical perspectives. "Day of the Dead" explores the tension between concurrent reading, hearing and seeing.

This piece is a reflection on death and the rituals that surround it; from the magic evocation of friendship through art to the ritualized choreography of police and spectators on the street.

"Day of the Dead" (QuickTime movie)

Annette Weintraub: Written text, animation and photography Glen Santiago and John Hoge: Day of the Dead installation John Neilson: Sound

Glen Santiago and Colin Chase: Voices and spoken text The Butoh Rockettes: Patti Bradshaw, Celeste Hastings, Chris Maresca: Spirit dancers