Nicholas WATTON and Simon BYFORD


Simon Byford
Simon is a musician, artist, writer and technician currently residing in the fine city of Norwich in the East of England.

After spending years involved in live music and performance Simon discovered technical things and started to make recordings, videos and digital work documenting his inaccurate lifestyle and resulting synaptic reports.

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Nicholas Watton
Nicholas is a director, performer, animator and teacher currently holed up in the smoky industrial landscape of the North West of England.

After falling into theatre and hanging out there for a while, Nicholas also discovered technical things and became animated in all dimensions.

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Conceptual Description

The work that we make together is a response to our love of real motion and real space. We started with a mission to reclaim digital space for contemplation and emotion and within this we explore movement, meaning and interaction. Our creative process is a three way dialogue between two artists and the machine, with all three defining what is possible, what is included and what comes next.