Sara Tack


Sara Tack spent 15 years in a professional career in the communications industry as an art director and graphic designer. Today her art, which takes form as CD-ROMS, Video and Sound Installations, strives to create interactive relationships between the visual and verbal worlds, seeking to explore communication issues and concerns about contemporary American culture. Her work has been shown at The Kitchen in NYC, Rensselaer County Council for the Arts, the Albany Institute of History and Art /Harmanus Bleeker Arts Center, The Electronic Arts Performance Series at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Bard College, Bennington College and at The Loft - Albany, New York's newest performance and gallery space. She holds a BFA in Visual Arts from Purchase College and is presently completing her MFA in Electronic Arts at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Conceptual Description

"Deliverysystem" is an interactive CD-ROM which questions the speed in which today's society operates. Using the idea of the overnight delivery service as a metaphor and catalyst, it examines how today's economic climate has pushed and pulled individuals and families. As we interact with the artist's real voice mail and email messages, her personal thoughts and experiences can be heard as well as read in the text, triggering memories. and experiences for all as we navigate ourselves through the Information Age. "Deliverysystem" looks at these new technologies - the new delivery mechanisms for communication - that first infiltrated the workplace and now our culture, forcing ourselves into greater speed and efficiency while corporatizing our personal lives. Does technology truly save time or does it create more work is one of the questions we ask ourselves as we examine the notion of delivering things on time and the relevance of deadlines.