Sally Pryor
Postcard From Tunis


Sally Pryor is an Australian artist/programmer/animator and independent multimedia developer with an eclectic background including biochemistry and and 3D animation. Her current interests are the human-computer interface and the application of a critical and historical analysis of the history of Writing. In '97, Sally was awarded the inaugural Elektra award for a woman with outstanding achievements in the area of new technology, by WIFT (Women in Film and Television) Australia. She recently left her lecturing position at the University of Technology in order to concentrate on artistic productions and her doctoral studies at the the University of Western Sydney. In 1999 she was awarded a two year artistic fellowship from the New Media Fund of the Australia Council.

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Conceptual Description

The central theme is Writing itself - its histories, its inscriptions and its relevance to the human-computer interface. This is explored in a personal, audiovisual portrait of Tunis, the home of my family-in-law. I designed and programmed the unique interface so that it echoes an actual visit, where (if you couldn't already) you can't help learning a few Tunisian words and with time, starting to read written Arabic. Although the work was designed for adults, children have shown a strong affinity with it. The work is not an "objective" documentary. It's a playful, artistic exploration of Writing in its broadest senses, set in a very personal portrait of a city and culture that I love.

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