Three Small Fantasies


Three friends, Tastuo Tajima (picture designer),Tetsuzo Hirai (a painter) and Kounosuke Mihara (a musician,music director) began playing with Japanese media in their free time. Each worked each in various ways, contributing elements that couldn't have been done individually.

Testuzo Hirai is a painter, working with watercolors. He scanned and edited pictures using Adobe Photoshop.

Tastuo Tajima works making CD-ROMs for a Japanese corporation. Mr. Tajima edited a picture of Mr. Hirai and turned it into an animation with Macromedia Director.

Kounosuke Mihara is a musician, and was interested in adding sound to an animation.

This enjoyable collaboration produced "Three Small Fantasies."

Conceptual description

"Three Small Fantasies" is the picture book without words. It uses the three colors of a computer display, resulting in story themes of "red," "green," and "blue."

About "red"
The four seasons are beautiful in Japan, and people especially enjoy autumn when the trees turn red. So it seems to need a fairy of red. This story's theme is with a fairy and the setting sun.

About "green"
The earth has a close relationship with the color green. I consider earth to have met with green in the former times. The Japanese title "BOKURA WA SORAKARA" means "We came over from the sky".

About "blue"
Blue is the color of water . Water will change form according to a place and environment. We tried to express the flow of water with a sound and a picture.

"Three Small Fantasies" depends on imagination of a person viewing it and requires an "Adult with a heart of a child."




Testuzo Hirai, Tastuo Tajima, Kounosuke Mihara,

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