Megan Heyward
I Am A Singer

Conceptual Description "I Am A Singer" is an experiment in multimedia writing, a search into approaches towards style and form, narrative structure, and notions of engagement within a multimedia context. Concerned with memory and identity, it tells the fictional story of an amnesiac who happens to be famous. Structurally, "I Am A Singer" is a narrative built of fragments, of small, discrete but intersecting sequences, mirroring the fragmented consciousness of the singer. It operates on a number of levels - as a pure tale about an amnesiac singer trying to regain her memory, and as a broader exploration of identity and remembrance.


Megan Heyward lectures in multimedia in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, UTS. She developed the CD-ROM "I Am A Singer" from 1995 to 1998 with the assistance of the Australian Film Commission, acting as writer, artist, programmer, sound designer, producer and director. "I Am A Singer" has won several Australian and U.S multimedia awards, and been widely exhibited internationally. Megan is currently developing a new multimedia work. Contact details