Little Movies


Dr. Lev Manovich (manovich@ucsd.edu) is an artist, a theorist and a critic of new media. He has published more than thirty articles which have been translated into many languages and reprinted in eighteen countries. In his writings, Manovich places new media within the larger context of modern visual culture, relating it to the histories of art and cinema. Manovich was born in Moscow where he studied fine arts and architecture. Moving to New York in 1981, he begun working in computer animation in 1984 at Digital Effects, one of the first commercial companies devoted to producing 3D animation for television and film. Manovich received an M.A. in experimental psychology from New York University (1988) and a Ph.D. in Visual and Cultural Studies from the University of Rochester (1993). He is now an Assistant Professor in the Department of Visual Arts, University of California, San Diego where he teaches studio and theory classes in new media. Currently he is working on a book entitled "The Language of New Media" for the MIT Press. His articles and projects are available at http://jupiter.ucsd.edu/~manovich

Conceptual Description:

"Little Movies" is a lyrical and theoretical project about the aesthetics of digital cinema, and a eulogy to its earliest form-QuickTime. Beginning with the supposition that every new medium relies on the content of previous media, "Little Movies" features key moments in the history of cinema as its logical subject.

As time passes, the medium becomes the message, that is, the "look," more than the content of any media technology of the past is what lingers on. "Little Movies" reads digital media of the 1990's from a hypothetical future, foregrounding its basic properties: the pixel, the computer screen, the scanlines.

For more information, http://jupiter.ucsd.edu/~manovich/little-movies/statement-new3.html