Calin MAN
Das Wanderbuch


media artist
b. 1961, Arad Romania. graduate of Timisoara University B.A. in literature.
editor & designer of the Intermedia magazine (offset, cdrom, web)
member of Kinema Ikon group - Museum Arad


Sao Paulo Biennial
Art Unlimited srl. (Art Museum Arad)
01010101 exhibition (Muzeul Taranului Roman Bucharest)

Retrospect Kinema Ikon (Centre G. Pompidou Paris)
Biennial of Murska Sobota, Slovenia (Prize of Municipality of M.S.)
INTER(n) (Art Museum Arad)
MEdiA CULPA (Institutul de arhitectura Bucharest)

Experiment 60-90 (3/4 Gallery Bucharest)
Complexul muzeal (Art Museum Arad)

EMAF (Osnabr¸ck)
OSTranenie (Bauhaus institute)

EMAF (Osnabr¸ck)
VIPER (Lucerne) [with kinema ikon]
ISEA 98 / revolution (Liverpool)

Contact Zones (Cornell University Ithaca New York)
Wro99 Media Art Biennial (Wroclaw)

kinema ikon / museum arad
enescu 1 arad 2900 romania

Conceptual Description

Das Wanderbuch is a road-hypermedia, inspired from the guild Wandering Books of the 19th century. the result is a demonstration of pataphysical imagology.

the main character of this e-story is Anghemacht Frei, a notorious member of reVoltaire's archive. [reVoltaire's features a number of characters with no spectacular biography and lazy above, who motivate their existence only through their name. rarely one of these characters undertakes anything and then the importance of the action can be ignored without any fear.]

[Wandering Book] In conformity with the highest ordnance from the high royal administration nr. 21080 this wandering book, enclosing 48 pages, and its good being taken care of, its wandering owner hath to bethink, as well as of the following: the named person is to avoid meaningless, loitering perambulation, and especially begging. to direct his trips only towards places where patrons or masters from his craft or guild are to be found, in places where he will not find work, he won't stop for more than 48 hours without the due authorities' consent, and in each place where he meets patrons or masters from his craft or guild, even if he continues his trip without actually working, the guild chief or his assistant or, where there aren't guilds, a patron or master is to make the following notes in this wandering book: whether he had, or not, the opportunity of finding work and whether, and on what reason, he refused the work offered. without superior permission, the wanderer isn't entitled to leave the K & K territory, on the contrary, he is obliged to occupate his wandering time with useful work and to obtain from the master he worked for a certificate referring to the time he worked and his conduct, which is to be certified by local authorities, this will be used only by him in any situation. finally assuming a false name, using a wandering book other than his own or falsifying the book, erasing or deleting or any other falsification in the wandering book is considered, according to the ordnance of the High Royal administration nr. 2355 to be public fraud and to be punished accordingly by the law.


[Arad - arrival] on his returning into the country, Anghemacht Frei is hurrying to announce his master, Francisc Dittiger, that he is ready to pass his final examination, which will allow him to open a workshop with acme apparel and, for the beginning, an apprentice. the master warns Anghemacht Frei that the examination consists of three: a dinner for the entire commission; achieving a masterpiece susceptible of bringing fresh air in the field; and, last but not least, to marry his beloved one. Anghemacht Frei's answers: being a natural born cook, it wasn't difficult for him to prepare a menu based on beef, veal and pork. the masterpiece comprises two panels: a short digital reconstruction of his trip; a popcorn rations making device, for the happy endings of american films. with a voice submerged by emotion, Constantza Okiry accepted to tie forever her destiny to our youth's. the young couple will go for honeymoon at Debelagora. but this is another story, another cd-rom.

[diploma] we, the superior master of the honorable guild of scanarators from the privileged town of Arad, document & acknowledge by the power of the hereby letter, that the young Anghemacht Frei appeared in front of us, soliciting on this occasion a credible patent incurring from the learning of the trade of scanarator. we grant this certificate without any reservation. acknowledging his solicitation as rightful, we certify that the named person was an apprentice, then an intermediate apprentice at our Beloved Lord and Master Francisc Dittiger. and by consequence of achieving of the masterpiece entitled a device for preparing popcorn rations for the happy endings of american films, we declare him a master, observing that all along his apprenticeship and, also, all along his wandering trip, according to the enclosed book, Anghemacht Frei was a respectful man, honest and industrious, which enjoys us and thus we apply the great seal of our honorable guild. / the superior master of the honorable guild of scanarators:Toomnail Pop / the members of the masterpiece's accrediting commission: Anton Finster, John Cartridge, Edmund Kolb