Adriene Jenik
Mauve Desert


Adriene Jenik has been working for over a dozen years as an artist, teacher, curator, administrator and activist. My current professional status is as an artist/educator employed in the Visual Arts Department at the University of California, San Diego. My ideas, interests and involvements have consistently eluded easy categorization. The artistic projects which result from these exist outside of the purely aesthetic or entertainment realms. My greatest hope is that they would serve as catalysts of community and interpersonal understanding during their creation and reception.

I assume my audiences are thinking, feeling, multi-lingual people who dream every night and struggle every day. Because of this assumption, humor, energy, pop iconography and direct challenges to the audience infuse much of my work. I enjoy creating with others, making music, TV or internet theater, and am proud to have been involved in many successful collaborations. MAUVE DESERT is a CD-ROM Translation of Nicole Brossard's experimental novel Le Desert mauve

. Nicole Brossard is a celebrated Qube‚oise author. Melanie is a fifteen year-old of the memory.

She steals her mother's Meteor every chance she gets and drives away from her mother's lover Lorna and toward the dawn. Maude Laures is the middle-aged academic who stumbles upon Melanie's life in a second-hand bookshop and translates her into another tongue. Adriene Jenik is the road-running video artist who drives MAUVE DESERT >from Montreal to the Southwest, from print to pixel, from night to day, >from one generation of women to another.