Takashiku IIMURA


Taka Iimura has been a pioneer artist of Japanese experimental film, video, and new media since 1960. Residing in Tokyo and New York, Iimura has had numerous exhibitions in Japan, the USA, and Europe. One of his early films, Onan, was awarded Special Prize at the legendary Brussels International Experimental Festival.

Conceptual Description

Observer/Observed: and Other Works of Video Semiology is a multimedia exploration of the structural relationship of the observer and the observed. A multimedia conversion of the video trilogy of "Camera, Monitor, Frame," "Observer/Observed," and "Observer/Observed/Observer," the CD-Rom studies the structural relationships of video and language in English. Based on the feed back system of video, Iiumura assigned the system into the relation of the observer and the observed as in the sentence, "I See You," which is posited by the closed-circuit system of video.

"Observer/Observed," was co-produced by the Banff Centre for the Arts, Banff, Canada, and Euophonic Inc., Tokyo, Japan.