Sprache der Dinge

Concept and realisation: Agnes Hegedüs
Design concept: Agnes Hegedüs
with thanks to Luc Courchesne and Volker Kuchelmeister Programming: Volker Kuchelmeister
Assistence: Simone van gen Hassend
Speakers: Flora Asseyer, Ken Feingold, Agnes Hegedüs, Annette Hünnekens, Gertrud Klotz, Jeffrey Shaw
Translations: Thomas Morrison, Astrid Sommer Transcriptions: Simone van gen Hassend, Silke Sutter

An archive of personal memorabilia presented on a conveyor belt-like 'shelf' on the black monitor screen, and able to be arranged according to numerous objective criteria. Associative spoken texts accompany each object, hyperlinks within these texts lead to chance encounters between the objects and the narratives.

Agnes Hegedüs, born in Budapest in 1964, lives and works in Karlsruhe. She studied Photography and Video Art at the Budapest Academy of Applied Arts, followed by the Minerva Academy, Groningen, the Kunstakademie Enschede and the Institute of New Media, Städelschule, Frankfurt/Main. In 1992, she was artist-in-residence at the ZKM-Institute for Visual Media. Her works have won several prizes, including the 'Sparky Award' at the Interactive Media Festival, Los Angeles. Since the early 1990s, Agnes Hegedüs has been developing interactive installations which, often through the deployment of game structures or echoes of historical models, thematize fundamental aspects of perception and concepts of virtual reality. Two of her works are part of the collection of the ZKM-Media Museum.